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Mine GO BOOM - Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:13 am
Post subject: Server Moving (Welcome to new server!)
To let you know, all of my sites (forums, asss wiki, etc) will be moving to a new host this weekend. My current host (zColo, which bought Marquisnet) is not up to the standards that I wish for a location I physically place my own server. Because of this, I will soon stop running my own physical box and move back to VPS hosting.

Thus, I will be retiring and instead be bring up, which running on RamNode's server. Specifically, their 2048MB CKVM-E5 plan. (2048MB RAM, 4 CPU Core Access, 100GB SSD-Cached HDD Space, 1Gbps Port, 4000GB Bandwidth, 1 IPv4 Address, 16 IPv6 Addresses)

So, what does that mean? Well, the site will probably get faster (much quicker disk access, faster processors, faster RAM) except when it doesn't (shared virtual machines can be starved of resources if hosted on a machine with other greedy virtual machines, or overloaded). A nice gain for me is I don't need to deal with not just one, or two, but three physical hardware failures caused by a datacenter that cannot supply clean power.

During the transition period, once I switch the DNS over, I'll disable any modifications on the old forums so no posts get created that won't be transferred. So if you can't post, just wait it out a bit for your DNS to get refreshed.
Mine GO BOOM - Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:38 am
Post subject:
Welcome to the new server! Enjoy your stay.

Please report any weirdness, since everything is pretty much new (changed OS, upgraded PHP, upgraded Apache, upgraded configurations). Can send by either email or private message.
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