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Listview Problem!!?

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PostPosted: Wed May 09, 2012 4:44 am    Post subject: Listview Problem!!? Reply to topic Reply with quote

Can anyone help me...

The error occurs when i have added cat = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(icon_cool.gif, it says "Index out of bounds"... i have to display the data from the listview to my 20 textboxes. but when i added the category "cat" the index is out of bounds. and when i added more info and do the same it also give the same error......can anyone help me on this..thanks a lot.... me = ID no.

Name= Name of Employee
departement =Department
divisi = Division
status = Status
ttl = date
gender =sex
cat = type
permanent =permanent

Private Sub ListView1_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub roat()
If ListView1.ListItems.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub

For i = 0 To ListView1.ListItems.Count

me = ListView1.SelectedItem
name = ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(1)
department = ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(2)
division = ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(3)
status = ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(4)
date = ListView1.SelectedItem.SubItems(5)
gender = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(6)
Location = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(7)

cat = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(icon_cool.gif
permanent = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(9)
resident = ListView1.SelectedItem.ListSubItems(10)


txtID.Text = me
txtName.Text = name
cbodept.Text = department
cbounit.Text = division
cbostat.Text = status
DTPicker1.Value = date
cbosex.Text = gender
txtaddress.Text = Location
cbotype.Text = cat
txtpermanent.Text = permanent
txtresident.Text = resident

Konek_Recordset rscarp, "Select * from kapal where me=" & me
If kapal.RecordCount = 0 Then Exit Sub
Set mstream = New ADODB.Stream
mstream.Type = adTypeBinary
If IsNull(kapal.Fields("photo")) = False Then
mstream.Write rscaripic.Fields("photo").Value
mstream.SaveToFile "" & App.Path & "\image\photo.gif", adSaveCreateOverWrite
Image4.Picture = LoadPicture("" & App.Path & "\image\photo.gif")
Image4.Picture = LoadPicture("" & App.Path & "\image\cewe.gif")
End If
End Sub
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