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Announcements - Third Power Supply went POP

Mine GO BOOM - Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:35 pm
Post subject: Third Power Supply went POP
On April 3, 2011 at around 11:07PM the power supply on the server popped again. That would be the third one in three years. From talking with others, it seems the 110v lines in the datacenter are dirty as fuck, and since that other group switched to 220v lines they have not had any servers die.

Thankfully this came at a time I was getting a little bit of a hardware upgrade, in which my company was consolidating theirs servers that had left Dell's warranty period. Because of that, the old Saturn server has been decommissioned and since been replaced with a Dell PowerEdge 2850 running dual Xeon 3GHz processors with 8GB RAM and a RAID5 of six 74GB drives with one a hot spare.

Converting the Xen virtual image to a VMware virtual image running is painful, so instead I rebuilt the server OS and moved over /home to the new system. Ideally, everything should be running as it was before, but I may have missed a permission or two on some random files so if uploads are broken on any software here, please let me know.
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