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PoLiX - Sat Aug 23, 2008 1:01 pm
Post subject: SSCentral / SSForum / SSDownloads
So wtf is up?
As some of you may or may not know, Testtube has a kid on the way, and of course this causes some financial changes in anyone's lives. So the decision was made to downgrade the SSDownloads server in order to save ~100-200/month. No issues, still got a strong server, just less wasted resources like b/w, hd space, etc.

So while I was on vacation, the move was made, so it was a bit rough for SSForum I was told, but all went smooth otherwise, no issues. Til 3 days ago when Testtube called me saying he had no access to his server. He was all sorts of confused as he's never had this happen before, and even I was pretty surprised. "who'd we piss off this time" I thought, lol. Well he was able to restore access, but by the end of the phone conversation, had lost it again, and we decided to move back to the old server while the new one was whiped and re-installed. I made back-ups of SSForum and the wiki's sql dbs, and he updated the IPs for the nameservers.

Well, the issue here now, will not propegate. I've tried traceroutes from all over the world, had all sorts of people try connecting/pinging it, and it will not resolve. The nameservers are correct, so it should update, but nothing. Joe and myself are playing phone tag, so until I can get ahold of him to try just "updating" the nameservers at his registrar and see if that works, will be down.

Now SSDownloads is working again as you may have noticed. The sql database would not back up anyway Testtube had tried, so I will be making an attempt later today to see if it will back-up for me for the move back to the new server. If not, I will put into action the new layout for SSDownloads that had been discussed, and that will suffice for the time being. All the file information is stored in that db sadly, so if it can't be moved, it is lost.

We will get this straightened out, even if I have to get something of my own for temp until TT gets his internet back and can work on this again. Thanks for any hosting offers, but we've got this.

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