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Mine GO BOOM - Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:04 pm
Post subject: MarquisNet Maintenance
MaruqisNet Engineering wrote:
First, MarquisNet like would like to express it's thanks to all of our customer base, because of your patronage and our success as a company we are currently in a position where this Emergency Maintenance is being required.

Over the last 2.5 years, MarquisNet has grown at an extreme rate, and as such the demand for additional network services has also grown. We've finally reached the point where a significant hardware upgrade needs to take place.

Over the last few months MarquisNet has procured new hardware capable of taking our data center into the 10GE realm, and well beyond. This gear was originally slated for migration in September, but due to some recent unexpected growth patterns we are being forced to migrate to it a bit sooner than scheduled to prevent latency or potential customer downtime caused by excessive load.

The gear has been tested and is currently running in parallel to our existing environment, so the project is not being rushed and we are still ensuring that the utmost of quality is being adhered to when doing the migration.

New features and benefits to the migration:

- Advanced monitoring and intrussion detection services

- Increased stability and redundancy

- Reduced network latency through our center

- Gig-E copper will now be available to our high bandwidth customers, fiber is no longer a requirement.

- Performance rates that are current with the latest technology available today, including 10GE where required.

- Distributed path architecture which will enable us to load share traffic through our core environment.

- New routing schemes are being deployed to enable us to proactively and reactively respond to DDoS attacks and other network impacting attacks with less work on the Engineering team. DDoS and route manipulation will go from 10-15 minutes of typing/work across multiple devices, to a matter of seconds on a single device to trap and address the issue.

- Advanced security measures to allow us to ensure that a compromised host within our data center does not become the source of a large scale outbound attack.

- Advanced traffic statistics will be available to the MarquisNet team to help us enhance our peering and transit relationships with our providers and exchange points to ensure we get the most out of our services which means higher quality traffic flows for you and your customers.

These are just a few things that the migration will accomplish.


The maintenance/migration will begin at 12PM (Midnight) PST, on August 22nd, and carry on through 4AM PST. A follow up maintenance will happen the following evening, August 23rd at 12PM (Midnight) PST, and also carry on through 4AM PST.

The impact to you as a customer will be minimal. Your only outage/downtime that will occur during this window, will be the time that it takes for us to physically swing your current network connection from one piece of equipment, to the new piece of equipment. All of your existing configuration data (IP Addresses, gateways, routes, etc) have already been replicated on the new architecture.

The only exception to the above statement is if for some reason your switch gear (where it applies) does not properly re-negotiate it's port-speed with our new switching architecture. Although this is an unlikely issue, there is a potential for it in some circumstances.

MarquisNet understands the importance of all of our customer business, and for this reason we are moving this migration timeline up to ensure that our network uptime remains at the highest level that you have come to expect from us over the last 2.5 years.

We will be doing the migrations 1 customer at a time, and will be checking to ensure each and every customer comes back online, and that their IP space is routing and available to/from the Internet before we start the next customer. If for some reason your port does not come back, we will move you back to the old piece of hardware, and notify you right away so that we can have you involved to re-attempt the move.

By Friday morning, we hope to have all of our customers migrated onto the new architecture and continue forward growing with your business.

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