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Anonymous - Mon Sep 26, 2016 1:25 pm
Post subject: Machine Wars
I need someone to make me an entire zone with myself as owner with full sysop access.


Upon an ocean of thick waves, a hero emerges from the darkness. Kondosaur is his name, and he is who shall be the bringer of Machine Boats.

Machine boats are small tiny boats that race amongst the rivers, seas, and explore the ocean. When I mean explore, I do mean treasure finding as in greens. The greens will be marked by bots in case a player lands on one - eats the green - and earns a point registered with the bot. The points earned registered with the bot from eating greens allows you to buy new products from !buy to the bot. When a boat has enough points he can open up new areas in the map such as castle openings. Although if a boat 5-8 ship set attacks you ( a PK ( player killer ) ship set ) they receive a bounty worth of points.

Would anyone like to add to this idea. I was kidding about zone ownership ( maybe not sysop access ) I just would like to see this going.

Mooker/OutlawGene - Zone idea developer
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