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[Soccer] Mode=0 returns Enemy Goal instead of Team Goal

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:13 am    Post subject: [Soccer] Mode=0 returns Enemy Goal instead of Team Goal Reply to topic Reply with quote

I'm not sure if this is a common bug or if I messed something up but I can't seem to get the Mode=0 setting under [Soccer] to word properly. When I score a goal with Mode=0 activated it says "Enemy Goal! by Player Reward:5" instead of "Team Goal! by Player Reward:5". I also do not get the reward points under Mode=0. Mode=2 on the other hand works properly and the points are prized.

Running ASSS 1.5.0, balls and scoring:points_goal is un-commented in modules.conf and loads without error on server start, points_goal \ is added to the arena.conf file.

Here is how my [Soccer] settings look like:

    DisableWallPass = 0
    DisableBallKilling = 1
    BallBounce = 0
    AllowBombs = 1
    AllowGuns = 1
    PassDelay = 20
    Mode = 0
    BallBlankDelay = 200
    UseFlagger = 1
    BallCount = 2
    SendTime = 200
    Reward = -5
    CapturePoints = 0
    CatchMinimum = 0
    CatchPoints = 0
    WinBy = 0
    BallLocation = 1
    SpawnX = 512
    SpawnY = 512
    SpawnRadius = 200
    AllowGoalByDeath = 0
    MinPlayers = 1
    MinTeams = 1
    GoalDelay = 0
    NewGameDelay = 0

    Loaded modules:

    AttachModules = \
    koth \
    fg_wz \
    jackpot \
    periodic \
    points_kill \
    points_flag \
    points_goal \
    points_periodic \

Also, I'm not sure if this was intentional or gone unnoticed but it seems that even if you set FlagReward=0 under the [Flag] section in arena.conf, you will still be rewarded 1000 points upon dropping all flags in a warzone style flagging game if the jackpot is less than 1. If the jackpot is 1 or more, you will win the proper jackpot amount.

King of the hill is completely messed up. RewardFactor=1 under the [King] section in arena.conf is almost a useless command, you can put any number in there and you will always get prized 1000 points no matter what (except for negative numbers which result in no prize at all). Even though you set the king up to end in say 10 minutes, if you die before the game ends, not only do you get a new crown but the more you die the more games you win.

There is no BombDamageUpgrade command to control different bomb level damage such as BulletDamageUpgrade. All bombs do the same damage.

Just a few things I noticed setting up an ASSS server for the first time, if anyone knows some fixes for some of this stuff I would appreciate it.
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