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Joined: Mar 20 2008
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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2008 12:34 am    Post subject: Bot Plugin Reply to topic Reply with quote

hi, i wonder if someone could make me a plugin bot.
what i would like it to do

players goes into a box and it ports them to a dsb sector (north, east, south, west) and you can tell a certain box how many players can enter acording to the sector (north 4 vs 4, east 3 vs 3, south 3 vs 3, west 2 vs 2 or Dsb 12 vs 12) and when you enter the sector and it fill up to the max (north 8, east 6, south 6, west 4 or Dsb 24) and when it is filled to the max the box will lock and then the bot asks you to type !start sector name and counts down like the dsb bot and keep score just like dsb bot
this is kinda like duel but with sector and amount of people...
this is what the ini file would look like


Max Players:6
// Syntax: 0=x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 x4 y4 x5 y5 x6 y6 name
//source portal | |
// first drop | |
Cords:1= 638 357 640 360 719 293 837 407 Sector East

AWCheck =1
# ^---------Switch Status of AntiWarp Checking. 1= ON // 0= OFF
Radius =50
# ^^---------Set Antiwarp checking radius. Legal values: 0-512
Delay =0
# ^-----------Set delay before triggering. Legal values: 0-5000 milliseconds
Warn =0
# ^------------Set *warn-mode for antiwarp checking. Legal values: 0-2
# -Warn mode 0: No *warnings will be sent to offenders
# -Warn mode 1: Only *warning players on the first offense
# -Warn mode 2: *warning players on every offense

Jperiodic =0
# ^-------Periodically display jackpot? 1= ON // 0= OFF
Periodic =10
# ^^-------Set time between jackpot broadcasts. Legal values: 1-60 mins
Jgreet =1
# ^----------Greet players with the current jackpot? 1= ON // 0= OFF
Victory =1
# ^---------Spam arena with victory statistics? 1= ON // 0= OFF
FlagTime =5
# ^--------Set time between flag coord broadcasts. Legal values: 1-60 mins
SpamFlags =0
# ^-------Periodically display flag coords? 1= ON // 0= OFF

TeamKill =0
# ^--------Check teamkills? 1= ON // 0= OFF
SafeKill =0
# ^--------Check ballkills and other forms of safe-killing? 1= ON // 0= OFF
SKRadius =0
# ^--------Only check for safekills inside the antiwarp radius? 1= ON // 0= OFF
Warnings =2
# ^--------Set number of warnings before kick/banning for teamkill or safekill. Legal values: 1-10
Grace =5
# ^-----------Set periodic timer which reduces offense counts by 1. lower = more lenient. Legal values: 1-14440
BanTime =10
# ^^-------Set time players are kick/banned for teamkill or safekill. Legal values: 1-14440 mins

CheckEvenTeams =0
# ^--Check even teams? 1= ON // 0= OFF
UnevenPlayers =3
# ^---Set number of players before triggering the uneven teams message. Legal values: 2-10
UnevenTeams =2
# ^-----Set number of teams on which to check. Legal values: 2-10

each flags seperated by commas
Flag Cords:


!start (sector name)
ex: !start east

!stop (sector name)
ex: !stop east

if any one could help me or make that plugin bot...

thanks Gr8killer...

contact me at or or aim dabombu432
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