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Samapico - Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:35 am
Post subject: <C> LVZHUD
It's not completely done, still a couple of unfinished/untested features, but it's definitely useable.
It's inspired by smong's digithud module, but this one allows multiple displays at the same time, and it's efficient because it only toggles the objects it needs to by remembering the last value.
Both an interface and ?commands are provided. (I probably messed up the python interface though, no idea how these /* py... */ comments work)
A lot of options are provided for each display, and eventually it will be possible to have text displays as well. Well, technically it would work right now, but it's untested and unoptimized (i.e. you'd need to reserve a range of 256 objectID's for each character, so 256*length objects).

I tested it mostly for my application, so there are a couple of untested features. Still, please report any bug you find.

This is the first time I release an ASSS module, so if I forget anything or messed up something, let me know.

Here's the readme:

lvzhud v1.1 [samapico]

compiled for ASSS 1.5.0 on Windows

### Description
ASSS module that allows you to display numeric values as LVZ screenobjects or mapobjects.
This module supports multiple simulataneous values, and several options that make it very

### Installation
For more help see

### Usage
Each independent display is an indicator. Each indicator must be given a name and configured in the
arena settings. The LVZ file itself must also be configured accordingly.
See "examplelvzconf.conf" and "examplelvz.lvz" to learn how to configure this module.
Indicators can be shown, hidden or modified via ?commands, or from another module via an interface.
See "lvzhud.h" for more information on the interface. Read on for a full list of commands available.

### List of commands

All these commands can be sent to a single player, a team or publicly. Note that the displays will
get messed up if you display the same indicator to 2 targets of different scope (private + public, for example).

?hudset [indicator] [value]
-Sets the value of an indicator. This will automatically show the indicator if it is hidden.

?hudrefresh [indicator]
-Refreshes an indicator (could be used after changing settings, for example).

?hudshow [indicator]
-Shows an indicator. Indicators are hidden by default.

?hudhide [indicator]
-Hides an indicator.

?hudmove [indicator] [x] [y]
-Moves an indicator. (NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)

Add these lines to your groupdefs to allow staff to use these commands:


### Version history
1.0 [November 4th 2010]
-Initial release (Not implemented yet: Text indicators, moving indicators, displaytype=1 (see .conf))
1.1 [January 23rd 2011]
-Fixed memory issue causing crash when unloading and a memory leak
Aquarius - Fri Dec 24, 2010 3:42 pm
Post subject:
Giving this a try.
Samapico - Sat Jan 22, 2011 3:25 pm
Post subject:
I think I just realized I have a major bug+memory leak in there... Next time I can do some testing, I'll update this.
Samapico - Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:27 pm
Post subject:
Fixed... uploaded v1.1
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