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ASSS Custom Projects - UBill 0.2 Biller Beta Release

BDwinsAlt - Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:12 am
Post subject: UBill 0.2 Biller Beta Release
As I said, I am releasing a beta version of my biller before I head to the beach on vacation. I'm not asking you to like it. I would like you guys to give it hell and help me debug it if there are any bugs. If you happen to see any bugs please copy and paste the output (if you executed through the terminal) and either reply or report it to . (My ISP is wild, so the site may or may not be online).

I'll be on a little while I am on vacation but not much. I didn't have time to test a lot of things before I left and I wanted to go ahead and get it released. The internet just kicked back on, so I will go ahead and release it.

Everything you need to know should be in the ReadMeNow.txt. The first time you login (if you are on operators.txt) it should treat you like a player (because it had to create your name). The next time it should automatically log you into your BanG. I may or may not add BanG passwords. (They are almost always temp so who needs them?).

Anyway, here it is. Click the attachment. Enjoy (or hate). Just please help me to debug and give me advice.

Once again, huge thanks to Smong for showing me the "Smong"/Singelton/Factory/Whatever class. <3

Also, if you have any advice for me (mainly Cypher) about datagram and subgame, let me know. I have no idea how subgame works.
BDwinsAlt - Tue Jun 26, 2007 4:15 pm
Post subject:
Small Update

I made the GUI a tad bit more attractive. I made the config and shutdown biller buttons stay at the bottom. It looks nicer that way. It is no where near enough to release a new version. If you wish to use the new GUI I have attached the jar and class updates.

I will be leaving on the 27th (Wednesday). I will be back Sunday, but the internet should be working at the hotel. I may have to sit in the lobby to get it, but I will try to get it in my room. icon_smile.gif

Hakaku - Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:31 pm
Post subject:
Sorry for the bump, but I figured I'd provide some feedback since no one else has, and I assume you still frequent this forum.

One major problem with your biller is that you don't seem to be handling colons properly. Since it's a fundamental part of the TCP protocol, you should really take care in handling them.

Players shouldn't be allowed to have colons in their name, nor passwords, nor should zones be allowed to have colons anywhere in their connection protocol. You should be expecting a strict number of parameters, and refusing any extras or missing.

On the other hand, you should also handle extra colons in messages, chats, and whatnot. That's the reason the 'text' part comes last. If I type ?message=hakaku:He said: Wassup!, I should be receiving the entire last part in my messages "He said: Wassup!". Currently, UBill cuts it off everywhere as just "He said".

I would also not recommend storing a message if the message is blank/empty.

<player> Invaild login attempt: PlayerName
PlayerName> ?squad
Invaild format. ?squadowner Squad

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