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wEaViL - Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:01 pm
Post subject: Hope for Linksys Routers
*UPDATED 4/15/07* If for any reason there is a difference in the settings of your router and what I have posted please use This should help with password issues and difference of setting menus.

This tut will work for Linksys and Networkeverywhere routers, for a generic version go to Generic Router HowTo

Not 100% sure but I know how to get the Linksys BEFSR41 Router to run a zone from your pc.

NOTE: you may be able to skip steps 1 and 2, I recremend that you do unless it still does not work.

1. Upgrade your firmware to the current one. Go to search support for firmware upgrade
and follow there instructions.. NOTE: Read all instructions 1st and make note of current router settings before doing this as it will set the router back to default.
To check your router settings and make a list type into your webbrowser. If you have not set a username and pass then leave the username empty and type admin in lowercase in the password box then click ok.

2. After you have upgraded your firmware go back into the router and reinput all the settings you copied in step 1.

3. Now your ready for the fun stuff assuming all your computers can use the internet again. Go into your router again via the and input the username and pass or just admin as pass. Once inside the routers setup click on the DHCP tab. Once in there click on the Enable DHCP, if needed you may have to insert the last 3 numbers in the starting ip address, for example as where your ips will be 100 102 103 and so on. Number of DHCP users set this to 50, as long as that number is higher then the number of computers using the router you'll be ok.

4. After you have applied the previous step you want to go back into the DHCP tab and scroll down. Click on the DHCP clients table. This will pop up a box with all the computers currently connected to the router. Look for your pc that the server is one, the name of the computer should be listed along with its ip address the router gives it. EX. Make note of this number as your will need it.

5. Now click on the advanced tab. This will put you on the Filters page. Scroll down to the bottom and look for a item called Block WAN requeast Make sure it is disabled. If it is not then the router will not forward anything to the comp running the server.

6. Now click on the Fowarding tab. This section will be a lil bit different depending on the firmware you are running. Since I am running the uptodate one if your running a older one you might not see what I say. Mine has a section named Customized Application section, in that on the 1st box I typed subgame2. If yours does not have it then dont worry. Now you need to input the port and +1 port of your server.. Ex if your server port is 5000 you want to put in 5000 TO 5001. The port number you need will be found in the MISC section of your server.ini file. Now select the protocol UDP and under the ip address insert the one you wrote down from step 4. [EX] Now click enable. Scroll down and click apply.

7. Now you need to know the real IP address of your comp. Click this and write down the IP it tells you. Thx for the link GGTM The IP should look something like or whatever..

8. Open the server.ini file again and scroll down to the MISC section and look for Server IP Input the IP number that website gave you. Now save your ini file.

9. Open the Zone.dat file (if using Catid billing) To open the file right click it and select Open With.... on the box that opens click on the wordpad down at the bottom of the list. Once inside it type in
MY Server,,5000,,0 <--- Your IP the website gave you
#My Server
MY Server,,5000,,0 <--- Your IP the router gave you
#My Server

(thx again GGTM)

Now save that file and exit...

10. Now run the subbill.exe file and then the subgame2.exe file and they should connect assumeing you set them up right prior to this. Now your zone should be able to be used by users outside of your lan. The only way you will know is if someone decides to see what your zone is like or if you do like me and go to a friends house and redownload the list of zones then try to enter yours. If it works then WALA im good :-D :-D :-D :-D
wEaViL - Thu Feb 20, 2003 5:03 pm
Post subject:
Btw you can run a firewall with this. I am currently running Norton Personal Firewall 2003 and my zone is still working fine
Anonymous - Tue Mar 25, 2003 4:23 pm
Post subject:
you rule. thx
Anonymous - Wed Mar 26, 2003 7:43 am
Post subject:
I believe that if you set urself as the dmz host, it will work, but you leave yourself open.
clicked on advanced.
click on the dmz host tab

enter your internet ip (

done and done. its like having your computer directly connected to your modem.
wEaViL - Wed Mar 26, 2003 5:35 pm
Post subject:
The way I set it up is the best safest way you can do it.... as I read in a previous post someone stated that setting the router to DMZ the server comp you will have a real high chance of being hacked by warez sites and such, so I wouldnt set that... just make sure your ports are right and make sure Block WAN Requeast is not checked or else it will not work.
Anonymous - Tue May 13, 2003 6:56 pm
Post subject:
Is there such thing as or does it go from 100 to 102, 103, 104, etc. ?
Anonymous - Tue May 13, 2003 6:57 pm
Post subject:*
Katie - Tue May 13, 2003 7:05 pm
Post subject:
Ok, so last night, after a few tries, I sucessfully hosted my zone through a Linksys router. All was well. Today, around 4pm, I tried to run it, and now I'm only getting it to run in stand-alone mode (which seems to not want to display the zone in the zone directory as it did before...). ANy ideas?


Dr Brain - Tue May 13, 2003 11:21 pm
Post subject:
Make sure the biller is running too.
Anonymous - Wed May 14, 2003 6:31 am
Post subject:
Yes there is such ips as 101 and up... the 100 200 300 400 is the starting number for your computers... For example I run 3 comps on my router so I have 100 101 102. If I set it to start at lets say 500 then my 2 ip's would be 500 501 502... Hope that helps a lil. As for the other post about the zone working and now only running in stand alone make sure you set the biller's zone.dat file like I did in the instructions.. I had that same prob once in a while... make sure your ip is still the same also. Only other thing I can think of is a bug in the biller... sometimes a reboot and restart might help... also make sure you open the biller before the server. icon_wink.gif
Anonymous - Thu Jul 31, 2003 5:42 pm
Post subject:
i dont use linkys, i use netgear, and i cant go to
Mine GO BOOM - Thu Jul 31, 2003 11:19 pm
Post subject:
Check out Netgear's Support Site, where you can enter your router's module number, and they will tell information on how to forward ports. Just following the above method for which ports and which protocol to forward, and you'll be fine.
wEaViL - Sat Aug 09, 2003 7:06 am
Post subject:
Just when ya think you made something easy someone proves you wrong... eh oh well
ShortyMatt - Wed Sep 03, 2003 10:56 pm
Post subject:
lol ya i just got my linksys router working for my new if i run my zone off of the pc (which the router is like sort of hooked up to) will i still need to do all this stuff?
Cyan~Fire - Thu Sep 04, 2003 5:03 pm
Post subject:
ShortyMatt - Thu Sep 04, 2003 10:17 pm
Post subject:
ew that just more stuff for me to try and do...are you sure i have to?......
Zero-51 - Sat Sep 20, 2003 7:54 am
Post subject:
How do you even get to the router settings? I don't understand what you mean by via that ip. how do you use that ip to see your router settings?[/quote]
Cyan~Fire - Sat Sep 20, 2003 3:42 pm
Post subject:
Do you have a linksys router?
ZiGNoTZaG - Tue Oct 07, 2003 2:39 pm
Post subject:
it works just fine. just forward the 2 ports. you dont have to set dmz. and as long as you dont go shutting the router off or rewiring. it should function without you even having to set anything as static. just set all the pcs to auto detect. then do ipconfig to see what the router assinged that specific pc, and forward the port of your zone and the port + 1 to that ip.

someone esle might have said all that but. well, it works icon_smile.gif

ez stuff icon_smile.gif
Cyan~Fire - Tue Oct 07, 2003 5:45 pm
Post subject:
2 things:

1) This was an old post, don't think Zero's around anymore. A lot of people abandon server running early on. icon_sad.gif

2) I recommend setting your comp to a static IP below *.*.*.100 just so your forwarding won't be messed up with every DHCP change.
Anonymous - Sat Dec 06, 2003 6:05 pm
Post subject:
I have a linksys router, and i cannot go to ... why? :/
Cyan~Fire - Sat Dec 06, 2003 6:50 pm
Post subject:
Dunno why, but here's a fix.
Win NT/2000/XP:
Get into a command prompt (run 'cmd'). Type 'ipconfig', enter. The address listed as the 'Default Gateway' is your router address.
Win 9x/ME:
Run 'winipcfg'. Select your LAN card in the box at the top. 'Default Gateway' is your router IP.
wEaViL - Mon Jan 05, 2004 6:43 pm
Post subject:
If anyone is still having a problem with getting there zone to work just send me a email and I will reply asap....
Anonymous - Thu Jan 08, 2004 6:16 pm
Post subject:
well i have a Linksys router and I followed your steps but it still doesnt work. below is the url to a few screen shots.
wEaViL - Sun Jan 11, 2004 2:57 am
Post subject:
ok, first off sorry didn't see there was a new post in here. 2nd see if your settings look like this
Router Filter Page
Make sure that Block WAN request is disabled... that is a biggie.

Also another queastion. Does your zone work at all? Standalone or anything?
What biller are you running?
Does your zone work when the server is connected to the cable/dsl modem and not the router?
wEaViL - Sun Feb 15, 2004 2:04 pm
Post subject: List Needed
K imma work on a new TUT for the router issues but I need a good list of router brands and there websites so I can make a good one that will cover all of the different setups.... thanks icon_smile.gif
wEaViL - Tue Feb 17, 2004 9:04 am
Post subject: List so far
So far this is the list of router brands i've come up with.

So if there are anymore out there that you have or if you want something to do you can find me more and/or find the missing webaddy's I need for these. Would help alot, and you'll get credit for it.
Anonymous - Tue Feb 17, 2004 4:11 pm
Post subject: Router and server
Ok, I have a link sys wirless router, I need to know how in the hel do I set up the ports for my server. My Billing and subgame connect, but I can't get to my server from any computer(my friends can't connect either) I need help. This is my sever.ini

//1=Any player can create an own a new subarena
//2=Only mods+ can own newly created subarenas
//3=Smods+ own new subarenas
//4=Sysops own new subarenas
//5=New subarenas won't make new files, will just use spawn.cfg instead. If a .cfg is already created for subarena, will use that instead



//If 1, then if in a safty, SS will ignore that player's anti
//If 1, then *lock doesn't allow freq change
//if 0, sysops see player stats in spec. If 1, smods/sysops can. If 2, then mod/smods/sysops can
//so ?cheater {text} will send to online mods
//If 1, ?scorereset will reset player's score
//If non-0, then all non-neutral droped flags X tiles away from ship. More info in FAQ at Server Help Site
//If non-0, than if someone does X amount of shipchanges that is in the .cfg in this amount of time (in milliseconds), then kicks them off
//Leave this set to 1, so it detects more of different type of cheats.. will kick them out if in .cfg the [Security] SecurityKickoff is 1
//More info on website
//More info on website
//0 = normal, 1 = everyone has obscene checking on
//If set non-zero reward multiplier limit is removed in FlagRewardMode 1. Multiplier is (maximumAllowedPerTeam / numberOfTeamMembers), if NoFlagRewardLimit is set 0
multiplier is limited by 2.
//Change to your map file name
//Make it something round, like 1000, 2000, etc. Change this if you are running more than one zone off same billing
//If you wish to restrict your zone to continuum only, set to 0. If you want everyone to play, set to 1
//Divide staff chat channels by commas. Only mods+ can join these local chats.
//If set to 1, will only let continuum users enter zone
//Set to the server's IP #. This is used for *einfo's proxy detection
//Set to 1, people with newer continuum can enter. Set to 0, only current client will be allowed in



//Change all to what you want

//What is the billing pw in the subbill.ini
ServerName=Zeon Elite
//Zone name
//Make the same as in [Misc] Port=
//Make the same as in [Misc] Port=


//Help at in FAQ section for Subgame2

Description=coming soon
//What you want to have for the description of zone
//Pick anything you want

wEaViL - Tue Feb 17, 2004 5:58 pm
Post subject:
those might not work... not sure... try setting them all to like 3000 or 4000... there all set right just i cant remember if a odd number like 3300 will work.
If your running a router you need to remember to forward the port plus 1 so it would be forward port 3000 3001. hope that helps
wEaViL - Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:00 pm
Post subject:
are you running windows xp by any chance? If so you need to turn off the xp firewall... that will cuase you probs.
Cyan~Fire - Tue Feb 17, 2004 7:35 pm
Post subject:
Help Needed wrote:
how in the hel do I set up the ports for my server

Try reading the first post.

And next time, attach long text files instead of copy+paste-ing them.
Anonymous - Wed Feb 18, 2004 5:00 pm
Post subject: Didn't work
I did go through that whole thing and did everything it said. Still won't work and I don't know why. Well anyways, i did use port to at least test and my subgame says that it ignored the request from subill, why?, thanxs
Cyan~Fire - Wed Feb 18, 2004 5:21 pm
Post subject:
Try setting Billing:IP=localhost.

If that doesn't work, try My INI Checker.
Anonymous - Wed Feb 18, 2004 9:51 pm
Post subject: Thanks
WOW, it all works, everyone that helped me thanxs, I got it all up and running and people are playing as we speak. The server is "Zeon Elite" if your wondering, well thanks
wEaViL - Fri Feb 20, 2004 12:15 am
Post subject:
After a lil bit of research I found the reason why with some routers users could not get to the menu to set it up. 1 router brand Zonet uses 4 different ips to access the setup menu... it depends on the model you have. A easy way to find out which one you need is to hit start run and type in winipcfg in windows 95 98 ME or in xp in the network folder open it and on the menu on the left side click View Network Connections then double click the local area network. After the new window opens click on the support tab and the last thing listed in the window is Default Gateway the ip it says under that can be used for your access ip. example, mine is so the access ip is

Some other ips used

As you can see .1 is not always the ending number for the setup ip... so really the best bet you have is to go to the site that makes your router and in the support section find out what the setup ip is for your specific router. The rest of the setup for it from my orignal post should help with the settings you need.

Someone said something about them having a Netgear router and the ip did not work, I found out that Netgear uses Netgear also has software for windows that you can use to setup the router. If you dont have it then you should be able to download it from there site.
Cyan~Fire - Fri Feb 20, 2004 5:44 pm
Post subject:
Basically the easiest way to get your router IP, not matter what brand it is is this:
As weavil said, in Win9x/ME, 'winipcfg', select your LAN card, and look at default gateway.
In Win2000/XP, however, run 'ipconfig' from a DOS prompt and look at the displayed default gateway. That will always be your most local router.
wEaViL - Fri Feb 20, 2004 11:20 pm
Post subject:
thx Cyan, was a lil zoned out when I wrote that and I can see its a little confuse'n. Oh well, will make my work on the new Tut go alot faster... Just wish I had access too all the different routers and router setups to be able to make it perfect. We'll see what I come up with.
Anonymous - Thu Jul 15, 2004 6:31 pm
Post subject:
is a router that wireless thingy?
wEaViL - Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:33 pm
Post subject:
yes... if your running a wireless network with your cable or dsl modem
Anonymous - Mon Jul 19, 2004 5:05 pm
Post subject:
i use a wireless connection and 1 computer in my house has the router. can i still make the server even though im using a wireless?
wEaViL - Tue Jul 20, 2004 4:28 am
Post subject:
Should be able to
i88gerbils - Thu Jul 29, 2004 2:21 am
Post subject:
Router success story:
cazilani - Wed Jun 29, 2005 12:48 pm
Post subject:
ok I am trying the same thing I have a Linksys router. I also have a linksys wirless adapter. I am trying to get the server on the computer with the linksys wirless adapter.But for some reason I can't get it to work I have followed MIN GO BOOM's instructions and and someone elses instructions but it doesn't work. I got the zone to come u[ on my zone list then i downloaded it and now it is red and i can't log on to it cause it is red anyone out there know how to do it???? PLZ TELL ME!!!!!!

Peace, cazilani
Anonymous - Mon Jul 18, 2005 1:07 am
Post subject: link sys WRT54G server help
how do i setup my route to allow outside ppl to enter my zone
can u make a tut for the Link Sys WRT54G pls..
wEaViL - Mon Jul 18, 2005 4:58 am
Post subject:
Try this out Just use the port + 1 when forwarding... this tut is for half_life but it still covers all the important things you need to know on forwarding
xsp0rtsfanx - Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:09 pm
Post subject:
alright i need help getting people in my zone. i'm having no problems getting in my zone but nobody else can enter. i use a linsys hub and i went to but everytime i try the connection times out. also should i change my port i have currently from 382 to something else or leave it as is? i have everything done i just need to forward a port but i'm not having any luck.
Contempt+ - Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:12 pm
Post subject:
Well, do you know how to forward ports?
xsp0rtsfanx - Thu Jul 21, 2005 7:17 pm
Post subject:
i know how to forward i just cant access the hub that i use. i know i'm missing one setting and i'll have people on but i cant figure out what it is..
wEaViL - Thu Jul 21, 2005 8:22 pm
Post subject:
Its recremended to use a port of 1000 or more since most lower port numbers are assigned to other system task. Change your port to something higher and forward that port and see what happens.
Contempt+ - Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:04 pm
Post subject:
Firewalls also might be causing the problem
totalpwnage - Mon Jan 09, 2006 6:42 pm
Post subject:
It's been a long time since I've had a zone. So now I'm trying to do it again, but now for some reason I can't access :S. I need some help because I can't access any of my routers settings and now I can't play with my PSP online either because I lost all my settings on it :<.
My router version is the LinkSys WRT54GS. Default Gateway is . Yet, I type in or and still can't get into the router settings. I have disabled all firewalls that I know of, but whenever I type in, it says "Page Can Not Be Displayed."
There's no username and password prompt that pops up at all... It's really confusing. Even more weird, I was able to access the router a few months ago. I've also been able to make a zone before using the same router. I don't have the same settings, though, so I don't remember which ports I forwarded.

This is really confusing me, and I don't know if I need to reset the router to factory defaults or something like that. Please provide suggestions.
wEaViL - Mon Jan 09, 2006 8:32 pm
Post subject:
Ok I tried looking at there tech site but didn't find anything, you might have to go there and email there support team about your problem. Only thing I could think of would be if your using xp you can go into control panel/add new programs then click on window components and under networking check mark the one for upnp and install that. After the install it should say new hardware found and under the my network places the router should be listed and after you double click on it it should ask for the username and password then take you to the setup page... hopefully that will work
totalpwnage - Tue Jan 10, 2006 5:59 pm
Post subject:
wEaViL wrote:
Just look at the post before mine, I won't quote the whole thing.

Neither of the 2 computers I tried worked. UPnP showed nothing.
wEaViL - Tue Jan 10, 2006 9:55 pm
Post subject:
ok.. only thing I could say is call tech support.... you could try tripping the reset button on the router which should reset all of that info... I would try tech support first before that just incase.
totalpwnage - Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:02 pm
Post subject:
Wow, that was stupid. All I needed to do was unplug the power from the router and then plug it back in. I have to remember these things more often :<
Anonymous - Sat Mar 18, 2006 1:07 pm
Post subject: Linksys hosting
I read the linksys router post and I was able to go through and get all the router settings correct to the best of my knowledge, and I set my billing ip to localhost instead of because i'll be logging in on this computer as well as hosting the test zone. Other people are able to go in and see the maps and everything, but when I try to enter, it just goes to the wb flying screen and never actually connects.. Is there some setting I need to do with my linksys router to allow it to loop around and let me into the zone while i'm hosting it?


wEaViL - Sat Mar 18, 2006 1:34 pm
Post subject:
Try adding a custom zone to the list with the ip as and the port being the same port that your server uses... that should work
Anonymous - Sat Mar 18, 2006 2:28 pm
Post subject: RE:Question
Thanks man, working fine. I had tried that before, but I think it was before I had all the routing settings correct and it didn't let me in, but it works fine now. Thanks again!

wEaViL - Sat Mar 18, 2006 2:28 pm
Post subject:
Your welcome, glad its working now biggrin.gif
Anonymous - Thu Mar 23, 2006 9:44 pm
Post subject: Help
How do you get the server to automatically log the player user name and pass in a txt so you don't have to create it every time you have to close the subbill and restart the server for whatever reason.

Is there a setting somewhere for me to change?


Muskrat - Thu Mar 23, 2006 9:50 pm
Post subject:
That's what a biller is for.

This is a popular one:
Anonymous - Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:01 pm
Post subject: Re:question
Oh. Thanks biggrin.gif

I think that should do the trick!

Preciate it.

Anonymous - Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:11 pm
Post subject: P.s
I have had the subbill running before, and it is connected etc, but whenever I click yes for it to create, I don't see anything in the subbill log. Is there a sitting in the subbill.ini I have to set for it to log it?
Muskrat - Thu Mar 23, 2006 10:27 pm
Post subject:
Sorry but a biller isnt going to save names and passwords plainly in a file, if your intent is to retrieve those, give up now.
Anonymous - Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:17 pm
Post subject: Intent
My intent isn't really to retrieve those, it's just to have it set up like real zones that log the names so that every time the server recycles it doesn't ask you to create the user name and pass you have already done like 20 times. I just want it to keep the names.. There is that scoreman thing in the server packet, does that have anything to do with it?
Anonymous - Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:59 pm
Post subject: P.s.
Also, at home I had gotten it working that other people could enter my zone, and I could enter it from the same computer I was hosting it, but now I have the added custom to my list, and I can get on, but it's showing up unavailable for everyone else trying to access. What should I do?

wEaViL - Sat Mar 25, 2006 12:57 am
Post subject:
Please post your new questions in a new post in the proper forum. You will get more help that way since most people don't check replies to this old thread.
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