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Mine GO BOOM - Fri Dec 13, 2002 1:11 am
Post subject: Zone hosting rules / quick server hosting links.
Post in this forum if you are having trouble finding a reliable host, or offering to host zones for other people. No server questions here. Pretty simple rules.

If you offer constant hosting for others, post a new topic about it, explaining your hosting rules, a link to a website or email on how to get in contact, and if it is just in a subarena, or a whole zone itself. Those hosts to be found reliable will be listed below, with information about them such as contacts and hosting requirements.

Any host that wishes to be listed here that do not offer hosting can do so, such as if you want your contact information avaliable if needed. Post a new topic about it, and i will forward it into here. Please state in your topic if you can offer hosting or not when you do so, so i can state that in here.

Zone Hosting: - SST Website
1stStrike - Wed Aug 31, 2005 9:38 pm
Post subject:
Anyone that posts crap such as "I need a host because my zone is like totally awesome and i'm cool plz plz host meh" will have their threads locked on sight from now on. And, if it's really bad then I'll just outright delete the thread.

Since it seems I wasn't specific enough or people just refuse to read I am updating this topic. And putting it in bold just in case they can't see. I'd put it in brail too but they haven't implemented that yet. Bah. Anyway.


1. Post a description and/or a screenshot of the map. The map is what players see when they go to your zone. They want a preview to interest them.

2. What style of settings are you implementing? Are they fast? slow? SVS? One shot kill? Super? Something unique (highly recommended)? Then post that!

3. What's the point of your zone? Is there a storyline? What are players supposed to be doing when they're there?

4. What kind of bots do you use if any? How many are you planning to use? Some hosts don't like too many bots or won't host bots.

5. What kinds of extra features do you have that might intrigue potential players? Lvz? ASSS? List them! Think of this as a job application. You're trying to impress us so that we'll come to you.

Ok, now that I typed all this out if you all don't start reading this and following the guidelines I'm going to go nuts.
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