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Trash Talk - the ghost of christmas past

lp_street_soldier - Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:57 pm
Post subject: the ghost of christmas past
so after a 10-12 year absence.............

what happened to all the other zones? is trench wars the only one that has regular active players these days?

why are several zones now side arenas on TW?

when did the population die off to the point where there's only a max of like 150 in TW? last time i remember, it was at least 400-500 peak?

what's the deal with N734 super ships?

why has there been no update to the client for so long now?

does anyone even come to these forums anymore? where are the main continuum forums?

it was nice to log back in and play for the first time in years and honestly quite amazing to see it's still going. but at the same time it's pretty saddening to see nothing has really changed.
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