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Trash Talk - So how long are you going to keep it up, MGB?

(Deactived B l a h e r) - Fri Mar 27, 2015 6:17 pm
Post subject: So how long are you going to keep it up, MGB?
To Mine Go Boom. I don't know how much of your time or energy you put into keep this site alive, but do you still think it holds its benefit? Just a curious thought. One that I'm sure anyone left on here has also crossed their minds.
Cheese - Fri Mar 27, 2015 10:40 pm
Post subject:
hopefully he keeps it up until the last player exits the last zone for the last time

its worth far too much to lose
Blocks - Sat Aug 01, 2015 1:10 am
Post subject:
I like lurking here and reading the occasional technical posts (just read some interesting stuff in the Misc User Apps area from earlier this year).

So I also hope that MGB keeps this up until the game is truly dead.
Mine GO BOOM - Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:40 pm
Post subject:
Well, considering I use the server it is on for other purposes, and that there is little cost to me maintaining this site on its own, I'm going to go with at least until I'm dead, probably longer as long as auto-payment works with whatever hosting company I'm using at the time.

I'd say I check the site many a couple of times a week, then I go a few weeks without remembering it, then check it again. Cleaning up any random spam that comes by takes between 1-10 minutes, depending on if real people reply to the spam (because then I need to decide if I should trash those posts, delete them as well, or whatever). Then once every few months I make some modifications to the PHP code itself (almost always adding some new little anti-spam thing) that takes about 5 minutes.

I pretty much only do that while I'm at work waiting for something else to finish, so it doesn't cut into my personal life at all. Plus I love the fact that people still have time for this game and making improvements to it, even if I don't (I don't have a single working Windows machine to run SS on anymore, at least not one I have powered on in a year).

Maybe one day I'll write up some crappy script that allows people to take archives of the whole forums, so if people are really worried that the site would die, they could just make their own backup copy of the raw data on a monthly basis. If not, there is always Google's cached search data.
Cheese - Thu Aug 06, 2015 4:50 pm
Post subject:
thats great news
unlike other forums/etc, this place actually contains technical and factual data useful to developers
plus if this place went away id bet that things like mervbot or asss server modules would be lost in the sands of time, because im pretty sure files arent really kept anywhere anymore

if you want, i would be willing to delete spamposts, as i check in at least every other day
might save you some time if you care enough
Witchie NL - Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:29 pm
Post subject:
I know, old, almost abandoned and pretty much forgotten but id like to add that ive pretty much got every single legacy file in relation to the subgame server files and MERVBOT cores and custom plugins etc.

When i was still developing for this game i managed to collect a shitload of data about this game.
Pretty much anything except for ASSS which came a bit later after i quit the server.

A year ago i was depressed with the fact that most of the stuff that i had going and running was lost, scattered or forgotten about. Thus i decided to try and fix the server back up with a couple of improvements from what it was.
To my surprise it only took me about 30 hours to get everything up and running again. Even recoded some of the bot plugins because some were malfunctioning or outdated.
Used to host SSCC Desert Storm together with Vigilante and Jericho24.

If you want i can make a compilation of all my files, and post them somewhere.

1. This includes all the original subgame files.
2. Most of the available development tools. For instance DCME (obviously) but also the shiptiler tool to autorotate ship images for use in shipsets. The oldskool SSME map editor, some of the LVZ tools that allow you to build and decompile the lvz's (commandline tools) and another couple of maybe usefull tools.
3. Every version of the MERVbot core ever created. (0.38 to 0.42 i think) Its been a while ago so i dont know if i got those version number correct.
4. Including some custom modified cores made by me which makes coding for merv a bit more organized. (redesigned default h/cpp files for plugins for instance).
5. About 40 or so default plugins for merv. that were free to download and about 10 to 15 that are created by me personally.
6. Probably some tutorials about server hosting and managing.
7. I guess a couple of hundred (maybe even 1000) .lvl/.lvz files but this will bump this up into the gigabytes if i include them.

The ONLY thing that i think im missing is alot of the TWCore files that i used to build. (yes i started school.... and guess what language they thought me.... JAVA... f**king JAVA FFS).
So i moved from MERVCore which i mastered to TWCore and i guess i lost all of that work, got 1 more directory but it doesnt contain much.

For anyone interested.... SSCC Desert Storm can still be started by 1 click of the power on button on my machine. Just isnt connected to the central directory server. Got all the bots on autostart, some AI bots aswell (dumb as fk) including the events etc. Also im talking about the REALLY oldskool turf map. Which is still my favorite map in SS till date.

With kinds regards and respect to those who still read this!

Witchie NL

PS: If you want the files send me an email at
I dont read these very often so it might take a while for me to respond.
Witchie NL - Fri Apr 29, 2016 12:30 pm
Post subject:
Ohh and if anyone has some updated useful links with a list of still available tools or advanced information it would be appreciated.

Also, most of this data is from 2003-2007 after that i was allowed to drink beer and stuff went downhill from there sa_tongue.gif .
So most lvl/lvz files are maps and graphics that were in use back then. Even some of the servers that nobody might remember by this time.... mistic kingdom? Dragonball? Paintball (Thx Thunderjam you little prick sa_tongue.gif), Red Star and many more.
Mine GO BOOM - Tue May 03, 2016 11:52 pm
Post subject:
Sent an email, I'll take it all a host it.
Cheese - Mon May 23, 2016 11:49 pm
Post subject:
yo witchie, ive been running a copy of DS since it last died, if you want to get some of the old people back together, i can set you up with staff permissions so maybe u can get something going again

incidentally im also running dbz as well

and its all on ssc
L.C. - Fri Jul 22, 2016 7:43 pm
Post subject:
MGB: I'd like to offer up a mirror at You can find my e-mail address at
Anonymous - Fri Nov 04, 2016 4:42 am
Post subject: Heya.
And I'd like to invite all of you to connect with me on the one and only place that is likely to survive the entropy of time for the foreseeable future.

Hope things are good for you, Murphy. What happened with your beautiful, cute, sister, Ashley IIRC? icon_wink.gif

I've at last taken on career training onto full stack development. An expedient crash course of two years material condensed onto 3+ months, actually.
Only one week in and I'm already exhausted with a fever and my head's exploding. icon_lol.gif
N.B. Javascript sucks! biggrin.gif
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